In order for your team's project to be eligible for sponsor prizes, you must satisfy the following criteria

  • Your team must have between 1 and 5 members
  • Your project must be able to be presented from a laptop (we cannot promise the ability to present on the projector from your phone)
  • You must not have started designing / coding your project before Saturday April 12th at 10:00 AM
  • Your project must be a mobile website or a native mobile app (on any device / platform)
  • You must have submitted your ChallengePost project for review by 3:30 PM Sunday
  • Each team will have 3 minutes to pitch / demo their apps followed by 1 minute Q&A from the judges

Your team project will be judged on (3) criteria.

  1. Does this app solve a real problem in an innovative way?
  2. How much design / interactive progress did the team make on the application?
  3. Did well did the team present the idea and the application?